Secret of Google's Artistic doppelganger selfie match app making people go crazy

Secret of Google's Artistic doppelganger selfie match app making people go crazy

People are obsessed with this Google app that finds your fine art doppelganger. It is now top of iOS and Android download charts thanks to its viral selfies.

by Asif Akram on 11 February 2018
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It’s amazing what a powerful driver human curiosity can be. Just look at Google’s noble-minded but pretty unexciting Google Arts & Culture app — overlooked by most until it launched a feature last week that let users match their selfies to faces in famous artworks.

This app finds your fine art doppelganger. 

The Google Arts & Culture app . It matches your selfie to similar-looking famous artwork. Here's how to find out your match. Once you're in the app, scroll down to "Is your portrait in a museum?" Tap "get started" and prepare to take your best selfie. 

The app scans your face while searching thousands of portraits. Each portrait includes a percentage of how much you resemble it.

Now, since at least this weekend onwards, it’s been riding high as the most-downloaded free app on both iOS and Android. Heavy-hitters like Messenger and YouTube have been left in the dust. Even, uh, Sweatcoin (which apparently lets you mine cryptocurrency by walking somehow?) has fallen behind.

Changing your facial expression will deliver different results. 
"Oh, here it is! Here it is! I found it! 46% match: Portrait of a Seated Man." 

"I've had ones that have just looked, very, almost offensive? Don't look like me at all. Or sometimes very close to my appearance but not in the most flattering way." 

"Do I look like her?"
"I feel very fancy looking at these. All of them have a Victorian collar, their hair is curled, they have a lot of jewelry. And the painting styles are really different too. I can tell that they're from different eras. "
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