7 Reasons Why Single People Are The Happiest

7 Reasons Why Single People Are The Happiest

Studies show that people who stay single are happier than those in relationships for the following reasons.

by Asif Akram on 08 February 2018
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Being single for long periods of time has shown to make people much happier in life. The following 7 reasons show why!

#1 Single people have a great social life! - 

People who are single often hang out with friends and go to social gatherings. With no one to answer to, they are able to hang out whenever and with whomever they please.

#2 Single people have way more time to themselves. - 

Without anyone to cater or attend to, single people have way more time to themselves. They are able to focus on their own aspirations and goals without the worry of not spending enough time with a partner. Single people tend to have more success in life.

#3 Single people are able to find themselves. - 

Being single gives you the time to reflect upon yourself. You are able to look into your past memories, experiences, and mistakes and allows you to take the time to learn and think. You are not clouded by anyone outside of yourself about who you are, and you are allowed the time to explore and find out about yourself.

#4 Single people tend to save more money. -

With no one to food shop for, or buy anything for but yourself, you tend to save much more money. Without the worry of shopping for a week for two, you are able to keep things simple and not spend massive amounts to buy big meals. You don't have to worry about Christmas, or birthday gift spending, fancy restaurants or dates to movies. All you have to worry about is yourself, and that saves money!
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