An Open Letter To The "Fat Girl"

An Open Letter To The "Fat Girl"

Love every inch of yourself!

by Elishia on 26 November 2017
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All my life I have always been known as "the fat girl" or "the big girl."  For a long time, I let things that people said about my weight get to me. Being the "big girl" growing up sucked, I would cry my self to sleep often and I absolutely hated how I looked. I dreaded going to school because of what people would say about me, But I always managed to keep a fake smile and not allow people to see that the way they spoke to or treated me, did really cause me pain. 

    After high school was over with I realized that there is nothing wrong with my body, so what I'm a little chunky!  The problem actually was with those people who always had terrible things to say, not me. They felt insecure in ways, so they found someone who society shames to let their hate out on! 

 I absolutely love my body, and I will no longer allow anyone to make me feel otherwise! 

Society these days tells us that perfection is having a slim waist, a fat booty, and big breasts! We see celebrities photoshopped online or in magazines and this is the image that is portrayed for all women to try to become, But it is far from realistic. Nowadays if you are overweight even by a little bit, you are considered lazy, worthless or disgusting. People fat shame others, use name calling, and negativity while using the excuse that they are trying to motivate people to lose weight. 
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