How You Act On Social Media According To Your Zodiac Sign

How You Act On Social Media According To Your Zodiac Sign

According to studies done, each zodiac sign has a tendency to act differently on social media than others. Here is how each zodiac sign uses social media.

by Asif Akram on 10 February 2018
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We all use social media for almost everything these days. Look and see what your sign says about you.

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Short and sweet works best for you. You can’t be bothered with flowery phrases. Twitter’s snappy one-liners suit you, so you can get to the point. You choose words carefully for maximum effect. But note there is a superficial side of Twitter which will irritate you, give it a rest from time to time.


You love the immediacy of the messenger apps, one click and it's gone. Don’t be too blunt, which is the way this sign can be, or you could hurt people’s feelings. Some people need you to express yourself nicely to them rather than brief and to the point, it will help cement your friendships.


Facebook has it all. Gossip, pictures and friends to keep you entertained. You’re addicted to that extra ‘Like’ and your phone is glued to your hand. Just remember when out with friends leave your phone in your bag or you could miss something important, unless of course it’s for the group pics for you to quickly post as the night goes on!


However, switched on you are, you feel that modern technology comes at a price. You use it mainly for firming up plans, so that you can arrange to hook up in person, knocking on the door with a bottle of wine ready for a night of gossip, fun and laughter is your preferred method of communicating.
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