What Kind Of Ex-Girlfriend Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

What Kind Of Ex-Girlfriend Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Your zodiac signs tell a lot about us, this is what kind of ex-girlfriend you are according to your zodiac.

by Asif Akram on 08 February 2018
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You are the kind of ex-girlfriend that will always hope for something more. You keep it a secret, but you become too attached to boyfriends. You always remain friends with them after the break-up, and If an ex ever wants to rekindle things, you are all for it.

You are the ex who is better now. You have moved on with your life. You are happier single and are ready to mingle! Awaiting your upgrade! Your ex could not handle all that ypu are, and you are playing the field until you can find the right one.

You're glad that the relationship with your ex is over. You are an independent woman who doesn't like to feel tied down. You tend to like your space, and after its over with an ex, you're done, never to speak to them again.

You are the bitchy ex, the ex who doesn't put up with any of the bull. When it's over with an ex, it's OVER! You don't have time to play nice and if your ex-tries to contact you, you are not having it!

You're the one that got away! You are the ex-girlfriend that all the men want back. You gave so much for a man to miss, that when you have moved on, they never stop trying to win you back!
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